Signing the HDKP Code

During an informal get-together of HDKP members in Brussels, our new members Marija Čulina and Nuša Torbica signed the HDKP Code of Professional Conduct, thus completing the procedure of their accession to the Society (photo gallery).

The General Assembly

At the General Assembly held on 5 February 2016, the founders of the HDKP were awarded honorary membership in the Society: Jagoda Lukavac, Marija Marušić, Gabrijela Vidan, Dalia Grin, Janko Paravić, Jere Tarle and Milivoj Telećan, and posthumously Vladimir Ivir, Vesna Grbin, Živka Jurak and Mladen Raukar.

The General Assembly admitted two new members of the Society, Marija Čulina and Marina Barbić Poropat, and three pre-candiates, Nina Grković, Sandra Palihnić Jurina and Assia Barić. We wish them a warm welcome. The members have received the minutes.

HDKP meeting

The HDKP held a meeting at which our new members Ivana Karan, Sandra Stojaković and Elvira Mulić and pre-candidate Martina Stojaković signed the HDKP Code of Professional Conduct. After a brief update on the activities of the Steering Committee and discussion of future plans, an informal party was held to welcome our new members.

Annual General Assembly

The HDKP held its annual General Assembly and elections. Sanja Matešić was re-elected as President, Tamara Levak Potrebica as Vice President and Miljenka Demel as treasurer. The new secretary is Ivanka Rajh. The other bodies of the Society were also elected. The General Assembly admitted five new colleagues into regular membership of the Society: Sandra Breznički Ucović, Ivana Karan, Elvira Mulić, Sandra Stojaković and Nuša Torbica. We wish them a warm welcome.

Svečani skup u povodu 40. obljetnice osnutka HDKP

The Croatian Society of Conference Interpreters celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding with an event held in Zagreb. The speakers were Janko Paravić, a founding member and the first president of the HDKP; Sanja Matešić, the current president of the HDKP; Linda Fitchett, the president of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC); Juan-Carlos Jiménez Marín, Director for Organisation and Planning, DG Interpretation and Conferences, European Parliament; and Luis Machado, Head of Department A – 4, DG SCIC, European Commission.

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